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Manic mania day of chaos

Today has been one of those non stop crazy days with no pause or down time. Actually home side has been that chaotic but work hasn’t been as bad as it could be.

So husband has a long day away for work. Up and out at 5.30am, woke me up of course. He’ll be back about 10pm.

I don’t mind particularly when he’s away. I have to travel sometimes too and we’re a good team together or apart. The kids are really good with routine and it’s variations.

So kids and I were all up and breakfasted and to school no trouble. Got large boy to practice spellings and do some reading even.

Then work, not shouting at idiot colleagues and the dreaded 4pm Friday meeting. Squeezed laundry and washing up in there somewhere too.

And then that chaotic bit rolled in. I knew it was coming. I’d been bracing myself for a week. School pick up and home just after 5pm, feed boys and to swimming by 6. Out of pool, showered and back in the car. Then the school summer fair, more chaos. Running after their friends, playing in huge sand pit, eating too many sweets and being impatient for the raffle. Then tears, major tantrum because it was finished and a piggy back to the car cos small was just too tired to cope. Home and showers and more food and finally to bed after a story.

The point here isn’t all the many things that I got done today. It’s the manic state that exists on days like this. Running around trying to do “all the things”. The pressure we feel to do “all the things”, whatever they are.

Really today I should have chosen to not do one of the things. I should have called in sick, or not taken large boy swimming, or skipped the summer fair. But no, all those things are too important to not do.

So here we are after 8.30pm. Large boy is still reading cos he can’t be stopped. Small boy is over tired and over stimulated and I suspect I will shortly be taking a rare trip to lie with him till he lets go and drifts off to sleep.

Was it worth it? I’m not sure.

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