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Here’s the thing about smart school uniform: it’s unrealistic. I get that it’s good to have a uniform, you don’t want designer clothes highlighting differences in family circumstances, or getting ruined. But for primary school children, where has the drive for wearing ties come from? Particularly in primary school children and at the younger end of the school. Why does a 4 or 5 year old need to wear a tie?

We’re “professionals” working in offices but I don’t dress smartly and himself doesn’t wear a tie. If someone in my office is in a tie it means the bigwigs are in town or there’s an important customer visiting. So school uniform ties are not about mirroring successful adults or setting expectations about what’s entailed in having a job.

A shirt and tie in themselves don’t bring smartness or consistency in the children’s appearance.

What they do bring is discomfort and rigidity, a pretence of maturity where it doesn’t exist. What effect does that have on learning?

Does a child in soft comfy clothes learn better than one with a tight neck and stiff cuffs?

I much prefer my leggings, hoody and trainers to a smart dress and heels. Himself wears jeans and an open neck shirt, not a suit and tie and smart laced leather shoes.

My almost 4 year old will have to wear a tie daily at age 5 when he enters year 1. I just don’t see what the benefit to him and his learning is supposed to be. How does a tie help him learn to read, make friends, balance, keep time to music, do sums or draw?

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    1. Small boy’s going to need a shirt and tie from September. He’s only just 5, it’s cute but not practical at all! And he is really bad at buttons too. I liked the bright gold shirts they had before but what’s done is done.

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