Where to start

I’ve wondered about writing a blog on and off for a while. I’ve even had ideas for what to call one. I finally settled on “smelly socks and garden peas” in the shower last night.

We’ve recently taught the boys (7 &3) animal, vegetable, mineral. Small boy’s favourite (and only) choice is “smelly socks”. They think it’s hilarious. Another guaranteed giggle-trigger is talking about garden peas. At some point they were playing shopping or in the play kitchen and they brought a cardboard box of peas down for their tea – while I fed them petit pois. Ever since then they insist on having garden peas and not petit pois, and the very mention of garden peas causes sniggers and sometimes hysteria.

So I chose to name this blog using those two happy, silly phrases that make me think of the best of times with the kids. As relief from the boys when they moan and whine and pick their noses and bite their toe nails, or from the infinite cycle of sleep, wake, work, eat and sleep again and repeat.

But I don’t think I’m particularly funny, or poignant. I’m not going to have something profound to say very often. But I find myself thinking what I’d like to say at the end of the day, so I’m going to try writing it down.

About me? I don’t do instagram, take exercise or cook fantastic food. I follow a few mum blogs. I’m afraid of being judged for my writing or my opinions or parenting (who isn’t?).

5 thoughts on “Where to start”

  1. Love the name! I don’t think you should have to worry about being judged, I love mom blogs because it’s such a great place to share thoughts and experiences. Goodluck on your journey, I look forward to reading more!

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